Whey To Go! Quicke’s Whey Butter Now Available For Nationwide Delivery,

Made to a rare heritage recipe using a by-product of the cheesemaking process, Quicke’s Slightly Salted Cow’s Whey Butter is a representation of the Devon-based cheesemaker’s longstanding commitment to sustainability at Home Farm and is now available for next day delivery across the UK.

Already used in a host of recipes by GAIL’s Bakery in London, in a partnership established to ensure that nothing from the cheesemaking process goes to waste, this traditional treat can now be delivered to the doors of home cooks across the country. Available online from both Quicke’s and GAIL’s, the Cow’s Whey Butter makes the most of every last drop of world-class milk that comes into the dairy, playing its part in a business-wide drive to reduce waste while producing award-winning Clothbound Cheddar.

Recognised by the Slow Food UK movement as one of the nation’s great ‘Forgotten Foods’, Quicke’s Whey Butter combines the finest milk from Quicke’s grass-fed cows with whey cream from the cheesemaking process. The butter pays tribute to time-honoured cheesemaking tradition, employing specialist skills passed down through generations of dairymen and dairywomen to separate cream from the whey, which many others just drain away. Each curl is finally hand patted into shape, using traditional wooden butter pats.

Crafted in the Spirit of Slow, like all of the Clothbound Cheese made at Home Farm, each golden curl is rich, nutty and lightly cheesy, while also having a lower fat content than ordinary butter. Highly distinctive in its appearance, texture and flavour, delivering a true sense of terroir, the whey butter is terrific on toast and brings a creamy richness to any dish.

Quicke’s Slightly Salted Cow’s Whey Butter can be purchased from www.quickes.co.uk, priced at £3.50 per 250g curl, available for next day delivery across the UK, alongside the cheesemaker’s full range of Clothbound Cheese.

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