Union Industries improves efficiency with double Eiger Door installation at Taj Foods

Union Industries, the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke industrial doors, has helped food importer and distributer, Taj Foods, improve efficiency through the installation of high-speed freezer doors – the Eiger Door.

Taj Foods, specialists in frozen exotic food and prepared meals, was established in 1980 and recently expanded its cold storage at its Sheffield warehouse to meet growing demand. The project undertaken by EJM refrigeration, involved improving its energy efficiency and carbon footprint with the installation of a new CO2 refrigeration system.

The two Eiger Doors will enhance operational efficiency in the high-demand environment and will maintain consistent freezer temperatures, while ensuring unimpeded access to cold stores.

Since its launch in 2002, the Eiger Door has been installed as a fast-access traffic door at major food retailers, 3PL cold storage and distribution, and frozen food manufacturers across the UK.

The Eiger Door ensures that consistent temperatures can be maintained and features an innovative dehumidification system, which prevents snow and ice build-up on the door blade and frame. This feature tackles a consistent issue plaguing other door types, as the freezer encounters humid ambient air entering the cold store.

Minimising downtime is also supported by the Eiger Door’s robust construction and its tried and tested crash-out and reset system. Due to the modest difference in size between Forklift Trucks and the door opening, as well as the busy nature of this freezer, this is of particular benefit at this depot when considering the long-term reliability of the Eiger Door.

Rob Howe, Union Industries’ Technical Sales Engineer, said: “The installation of the Eiger Doors at Taj Foods showcases our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that prioritise efficiency and reliability.

“Over the past 20 years, the Eiger Door has consistently proven to be a superior and effective innovation for cold storage access, overcoming challenges such as ice build-up and excessive energy use to maintain consistent temperatures.

“We are confident that the Eiger Door will significantly contribute to Taj Foods’ operational success.”

Anil Solanki, managing director at Taj Foods, said: “We were looking for a reliable door solution to fit in with the redevelopment of our Sheffield warehouse, and after reading about the success of the Eiger Door we approached Union Industries to assist us to improve operational efficiency as we doubled our capacity.

“We believe that the advanced features of the Eiger Door will not only enhance the efficiency of our cold storage but also contribute to long-term reliability, minimising disruptions in our day-to-day operations.”

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