“Unboxing” Study Launched To Help Understand Retailers Packaging Performance.

Macfarlane Packaging, the country’s leading supplier of protective packaging, is this week launching its annual “unboxing”* survey designed to provide retailers with valuable feedback from consumers on their experiences of opening and unpacking goods ordered online.

Macfarlane’s 2017 unboxing survey revealed that 20% of packaging was not a good fit for the product, and 15% used too much packaging. Also 7% of products arrived damaged as a result of inappropriate packaging.

Laurel Granville, Marketing Director of Macfarlane Packaging, said: “We know that the consumer unboxing experience remains a top priority for retailers and presents opportunities for them to enhance their image, build their brand and reduce their costs”.

Macfarlane’s unboxing survey enables online shoppers to assess the:

– Appropriateness of outer packaging size
– Durability of packaging
– Ease of opening
– Amount of packaging materials used
– Recyclability of packaging
– Ability to use packaging for returns
– Use of branding

The online survey can be accessed at: https://www.macfarlanepackaging.com/open-upabout-unboxing-2018. Participants will be entered into a prize draw. The survey will be open until 30 July 2018 and the results are expected to be published in September 2018.

*The experience of opening a package containing a product ordered online has become known as unboxing and, with the advent of video blogging, consumers’ reviews of not only products, but the packaging that they arrive in, are becoming increasingly important to online retailers. YouTube now features almost 60 million unboxing videos – some with millions of views.

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