Time to get saucy in the kitchen…

After weeks of confinement, it’s no surprise that many of us have exhausted our recipe repertoires and our kitchen cupboards are bulging with all things beige…

As you’ve probably discovered by now, mealtimes really matter during this self-imposed staycation, they give us something to focus on each day and encourage us to get creative in the kitchen.

While you could dive into an elaborate cooking project, we won’t always have the mental energy (or the long list of ingredients) that this might require.

Handily even the blandest of quarantine meals can be turbocharged and fired up into something special if you have the right secret weapons… especially if you turn to the sauces you use to give your food that extra zing!

Your Sunday night leftovers can be your Monday night gain… don’t suffer beige food anymore and get saucy in the kitchen with our collection of six sauces… all of which are guaranteed to bring big flavours to your table…

They’re perfect with pasta, you can use them as a sauce on their own or even add them to a tin of tomatoes to really lift your supper. Perfect with veg, fish, poultry and meat, or for that matter whatever you have in the fridge…

Black Garlic Ketchup
Bloody Mary Ketchup
Fruity Brown Sauce
Damson Ketchup
BBQ Sauce
Tomato Ketchup

Treat yourself, vary your mealtime regime and make a flavoursome and nourishing meals during lockdown. Handily they are all vegan, vegetarian and gluten free too…

Order all six sauces for just £16.95, and if you spend £25 more online, they’ll be delivered to your door free of charge. Simply use code FREEDEL

To place your order visit: https://www.hawksheadrelish.com/shop/gift-packs-hampers/saucy-selection-pack

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