The Hunt Is Over , Visit Aldi For All Your Little Chicks’ Needs This Easter.

We all know kids aren’t easy to please but there’s nothing quite like chocolate hitting the shelves to get your little ones excited. Supermarket Aldi proves it has the cream of the crop this year with its eggs-traordinary Easter offering. Available in stores now.

An egg aimed at kids has got to score highly on all levels; they’re after a fun design, yummy flavours and something extra inside to keep them entertained after the chocolate’s gone. This year, Aldi’s got your kids covered with its range, designed exclusively for youngsters.

Hop into the festivities with Aldi’s Mini Easter Chocolates (£1.99, 125g), new for 2020. This tub of solid milk chocolate includes variants of all your staple Easter characters wrapped in signature Choceur foil. Any child will be grateful to receive these tasty Easter delights, but better yet, all chocolate used to create this product is Fairtrade.

Returning with a new look for 2020 is the show-stopping Giant Chocolate Bunny (£4.99, 400g); a feast for the eyes and the taste buds, this bunny proves size is everything this Easter and is guaranteed to impress your tots. Perfect for gifting with a bespoke ‘to’ label on the front, be their favourite this Easter and gift the bunny that’s bigger and better than the rest.

If you’re after something smaller, celebrate the return of the Mini Mix Ups (£1.99, 220g). These individually-wrapped mini eggs come in a range of flavours including: Toffee, Cookies and Cream, Choco Hazelnut and for the first time, Strawberry Popping Candy. The magic of this new flavour’s crackles are certain to make young tongues tingle, perfect for an Easter Egg Hunt or Easter goodie bag.

Also returning for 2020 are the Easter Hollow Characters (£2.99, 200g); Danny the Dinosaur and Sparkle the Unicorn have hit the shelves to spread joy this Easter, but this time they’ve bought a mate with them! Introducing the newest member to Aldi’s Easter gang, Sonny the Sloth. Sonny and friends can also be found on the Easter Single Lollies (£0.85, 35g). Made from solid chocolate, these lollies promise a satisfying snap with every bite before softy melting on the tongue. To bag those extra points, why not take Danny, Sparkle or Sonny home with the Dairyfine Egg & Plush Toy (£4.99, 120g) for an additional treat.

If that’s not going to satisfy your youngster, why not try Aldi’s Eggjoyables (£1.79, 144g). Containing four hollow milk chocolate eggs to smash through, each have been filled with a silky mousse center. The Eggjoyables can be found in three variations: Milk Chocolate Mousse, Milk Cream and, new for 2020, Cookies & Cream to satisfy the sweetest of teeth.

Put tradition back into the holiday with the Easter Egg Hunt Kit (£2.99, 340g). Complete with 24 brightly coloured foil eggs and one large golden egg as the prize, this gift promises to keep the kids busy this season.

For a true Easter classic, visit your local Aldi to bag the Dairyfine Chocolate Bunny (£0.79, 100g), which is almost too cute to eat but your little’uns will definitely give it a try. If your child’s got the taste for luxury, the Moser Roth Bunny (£1.39, 100g) has been made using a premium recipe with 100% Fairtrade cocoa, decorated with a neck ribbon and bell.

For another Easter staple why not try the Mini Eggs (£0.79, 80g), Easter Treasures (£0.99, 100g) or Easter Chocolate Characters or Mini Eggs in Nets (£0.59)? All perfect additions to any homemade Easter Egg hunt, these chocolates have been crafted using creamy milk chocolate and lovingly snuggled in an Easter net.

With a gift to make every little bunny happy, there’s something for every taste at Aldi this Easter. All are in stores now.

Dairyfine Foil-Wrapped Easter Bunny, £0.99, 150g, available now.
Easter Treasure Chicks, £0.99, 100g, available now.
Egg & Plush Toy (Dinosaur), £4.99, 122g, available now.
Dairyfine Easter Bunny, £0.99, 150g, available now.

* On sale dates

23rd January
Mini Mix Ups
Easter Single Lollies
Dairyfine Chocolate Bunny
Moser Roth Bunny
Mini Eggs
Easter Chocolate in Nets

9th February
Mini Easter Chocolates
Giant Chocolate Bunny
Easter Hollow Characters
Dairyfine Egg & Plush Toy
Easter Egg Hunt Kit
Easter Treasures

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