Sustainable Dip Brand ChicP Tackles Food Waste By Inviting Britons To Spread Hummus, Not Hate.

Nutritious, sustainable, and delicious, the ChicP hummus range proves that no fruit or vegetable should ever be discarded! Founded in 2016 by food waste advocate and former chef, Hannah McCollum, ChicP offers a range of delicious dips created from surplus and imperfect vegetables.

Every tub of hummus helps to create a circular economy, and educates consumers on the growing food waste issue across the world. Every single year a third of the food we produce in Britain goes uneaten. This equates to 900,000 tonnes of wasted restaurant and supermarket food, and seven million tonnes of household food waste!

ChicP is combating the issue head-on, with flavours packed full of perfectly imperfect leftovers. Completely gluten, dairy, nut and pesticide-free, these dips and sides are suitable for vegans, low-waste lifestyle lovers, and health-conscious cooks! Ideal for dunking, the dips can also be added to salads or smeared in sandwiches.

When it comes to flavours, there’s something for even the most discerning of diner: daringly vibrant, Raw Beetroot & Horseradish is a colourful hit of health; ideal for lovers of earthy flavours and is crammed full of low-calorie, protein-rich ingredients; the immune-boosting Carrot, Ginger & Turmeric is fresh, warming and loaded with antioxidants, while the garlic-free Chilli Pumpkin is a delicious creamy option with a welcome hint of heat.

Those with a sweet tooth need not miss out either, since ChicP’s Banana & Chocolate dip is as delicious as it is healthy! This sugar-free Nutella alternative is indulgently moreish and is great slathered on pancakes or dolloped on porridge (available for breakfast with banana, cacao and peanut butter at Selfridges Food Hall every morning until 23rd February).

Available in individual pots and 1kg tubs, ChicP is sold in health food stores and delis across the country, including Wholefoods and As Nature Intended, as well as online via Ocado and Amazon Fresh. Each flavour is also available in larger quantities upon request and is suitable for freezing.

With multiple national accolades under its belt, including the Trailblazer Award at Food Vision 2017, ChicP has also been recognised by the likes of Women’s Health, BBC Good Food, and The Guardian.

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