Strong Roots’ new ‘good made easy’ entrées overhaul tired tv dinners, serving up a healthy quick fix

Strong Roots, the global plant-based frozen food company on a mission to fix the freezer aisle, today announced they will be expanding into a brand new product category, frozen single serve entrées. Consumers have embraced the brand’s range of sustainable vegan bites, hash browns and sides and now Strong Roots are launching all new ‘Good Made Easy’ entrées –convenient and delicious meals ready in just minutes.

– The new line of ‘Good Made Easy’ entrées boasts a range of 14 innovative flavors:
– Thai Green Veg Curry
– Greek Orzo Pasta Bake
– Veggie Masala
– Chickpea And Red Lentil Saag
– Spinach & White Bean Tomato Broth
– Black Dahl
– Basil And Spinach Pomodoro
– Creamy Cauliflower Fusilli
– White Bean And Lentil Goulash
– Root Vegetable Casserole
– Baked Bean And Red Lentil Bowl
– Creamy Mac
– Chipotle Mac
– Cauliflower Cheese Casserole

Each entrée can be made in less than 5 minutes, are under 450 calories each, and have up to 24 grams of protein– perfectly portioned for individual eating. The meals are also low in saturated fat, low in sugar, contain 0g of trans fat and have less than 350 mg sodium per 100g (<14% DRV). Many are also high in fiber, so consumers can feel good about digging into guilty pleasures. “Single serve meals have had a bad rap but we’re reinventing their potential with our ‘Good Made Easy’ entrées” said Samuel Dennigan, CEO and founder of Strong Roots. “Consumers demand convenience to fit with their drastically changing lifestyles but still want foods that are healthy and balanced. So we’ve done all the hard work for them. This is for the consumer who wants to eat cleaner at the end of a long day but doesn’t want to dice and saute for 30 minutes– they want to hang about on the couch and watch their favorite show. Now, they don’t even have to worry about a pot or a pan, all they need is a few minutes and a microwave.” Frozen meals have seen a major renovation in recent years, evolving past simple frozen veggies and preservative packed TV dinners of the 20th century. Strong Roots’ ‘Good Made Easy’ entrées enhance convenient meals with whole plant, clean label ingredients–no prepping, chopping, or sauteing required for a healthy quick fix. Like Strong Roots’ existing lines of plant-based bites and sides, these entrées are made with premium, vegetable-forward ingredients that are widely satisfying. “We’re solving for the salt-packed, nutrient lacking, ultra-processed frozen entrées currently plaguing the freezer aisle,” said Dennigan. “There’s a huge gap in the market for nutrient focused frozen meals. We’ve used the best quality ingredients, and with profiles like our Thai Green Veg Curry and Greek Orzo Pasta Bake, these meals are comforting while still being better for you. We’re excited about the diversity in flavors– a range of options that will satisfy anyone looking for hearty, veg-forward, convenient meals made from plants.” The freezer aisle has been hot recently– sales of plant-based frozen meals have climbed 5% this year and the global frozen ready-made meal market is expected to reach $130.67 billion by 2029. Frozen single-serve meals are gaining traction as the at-home eating experience has grown more complex. Consumers are juggling increasingly busy lifestyles and different dietary needs within households, leading to a more individual eating experience. Even as offices, schools, and restaurants reopened, frozen food sales were up 26% in January 2022 compared to January 2020 and 30% of shoppers have increased their freezer capacity. As consumption of frozen meals grows, consumers are hungry for innovation in the space, particularly young men and older women that research shows are the largest consumers of single serve meals. They’re drawn to bold new flavors, high quality ingredients, and convenience– not wanting to sacrifice time for flavor– and now they don’t have to. The expansion into single-serve entrées comes as Strong Roots have been growing their global reach and leading in innovation in frozen foods made from plants. Strong Roots recently debuted their new carbon footprint packaging, making it the first ever frozen plant-based brand to display climate footprint scores on the front of their packs. It’s been over 25 years since food packaging first displayed nutritional information, empowering consumer choice with labeling. Strong Roots, a B Corp company, who already offer simple real food with readable ingredients, is now going a step further, allowing their customers to check their climate impact quickly and understandably. Strong Roots’ ‘Good Made Easy’ entrées will be available online at and in US Whole Foods starting in January 2023, with more retailers to follow in the first quarter of 2023. The two flavors that will hit freezer shelves first will be the Thai Green Veg Curry and the Mediterranean Orzo Bake with the remaining offerings following soon. The meals accompany Strong Roots’ original line of Cauliflower Hash Browns, Mixed Root Vegetable Fridas, and other burgers and bites, available in Whole Foods and other retailers across the US. With this new expansion, Strong Roots continues to provide convenient, whole plant options good for people and the planet.

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