Squeaky Bean® launches new plant-based cooking chorizo

Squeaky Bean, famous for its category leading ready to eat vegan meat alternatives, is expanding its range with the launch of its Cooking Chorizo Style Sausage – a plant-based product that perfectly mimics the taste and texture of the Spanish dry-cured meat.

It’s the first product in the Squeaky Bean range to be designed specifically for use in cooking and builds on its reputation for developing innovative and delicious plant-based slices and pieces, that already include Pastrami Style Slices and Chargrilled Steak.

The Squeaky Bean Cooking Chorizo Style Sausage will be available in Waitrose from Wednesday 28th December, 100g each (RRP £3.50).

With 58% of British adults now including plant-based meat alternatives in their diet [1], Squeaky Bean’s new Cooking Chorizo Style Sausage has been designed to meet a gap in the plant-based market for flavoured ingredients to complement existing ready to eat ranges.

The cooking sausage is seasoned with chilli, smoked paprika and garlic, giving it a distinct red colour and fullness of flavour, before going through the same slow dry curing process as a meat chorizo sausage, which helps it to match on flavour and texture. Pan-fried in just two to three minutes it can be used to give a smoky kick to dishes such as shakshuka or stew, or eaten hot or cold as part of a traditional tapas spread.

Made with fava bean and pea protein, the 100% vegan plant-based sausage is high in fibre (10g/100g) and a source of protein (16g/100g), making it an appealing option for consumers looking for healthy meat alternatives, whether they are already following a plant-based diet or looking to reduce their meat consumption in time for Veganuary.

Rebecca Youseman, Brand Manager at Squeaky Bean, which is part of The Compleat Food Group, said: “At Squeaky Bean we believe consumers should eat vegan because it’s the tastier choice, which is why we are committed to using the latest product innovation to create recipes that are even better than their meat counterparts. We’ve already achieved this through our ready to eat sliced and chargrilled plant-based meats, but we know our fans have been increasingly craving vegan products that can replicate their favourite cooking ingredients, which is where our new Cooking Chorizo Style Sausage comes in.

“Offering the same smoky punch of flavour and texture as a Spanish chorizo thanks to our slow dry curing process, the Cooking Chorizo Style Sausage allows consumers to recreate their favourite chorizo dishes in a plant-based format, making it an ideal choice for meat reducers and vegans alike.

“With an ever-increasing number of people looking to reduce their meat consumption, we are excited to be able to use our expertise to create a truly innovative recipe that will be a fantastic addition to the chilled plant-based aisle, as well as meeting the demands of consumers for a wider range of meat alternative products, with no compromise on taste, texture and flavour.”

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