SMI lands Green-Door supply deal with Asda

Thermal insulation specialist Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI) has strengthened its links with a national supermarket chain thanks to another important supply deal.

The Telford-based team have worked with major food retailers for decades on temperature control projects, and created the Green-Door as a solution to the use of unwieldy sliding ‘night doors’ in both freezers and chillers.

Supermarket chain Asda has just invested in over 100 of the products for use in stores across the UK as part of their Click & Collect service.

The Green-Door uses SMI’s acclaimed Tempro, the world’s thinnest and most thermally-efficient material of its kind which has been scientifically proven to cut energy loss by at least 25% in chillers, and 33% in freezers.

Asda’s senior manager for engineering, net zero and energy Brian Churchyard said they had been extremely impressed with both the products themselves and the advice and support from the SMI team.

“As a company we are determined to reduce the impact our stores have on the environment, and thanks to the Green-Door product, we’ve already been able to save a considerable amount of energy.

“It was an obvious choice for us to invest in yet more Green-Door products to protect the chilled areas in our Click & Collect areas where our customers’ orders were stored.

“We are always keen to work with suppliers who are committed to high standards of customer service, and SMI are always extremely professional and offer the very best advice and solutions.”

SMI chairman Brian Seymour said: “We developed Green-Door after years of painstaking research and nearly a decade of stringent tests at sites across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and it is now opening the door to significant financial savings for major retailers.

“Our aim was to create a quality door that would require little maintenance, was easy to use, and saved significant amounts of energy and carbon.

“And Green-Door has been a huge success making the much-hated supermarket night door redundant in chillers and freezers, saving capital, maintenance costs, nuisance value and labour. The advantages and savings are enormous.

“Taking return on investment into account, the Green-Door could pay for itself on day one, depending on what size and cost retailers pay for a night door. The saving on maintenance and labour is a bonus.”
SMI has been saving energy and money for some of the world’s biggest and best-known businesses since the 1980s.

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