Sliced version of “best melting vegan cheeze” launches in Sainsbury’s

Ilchester, the UK’s number one British flavoured cheese supplier, is launching a sliced version of its popular and award winning Ilchester Vegan Melting Mature Cheddar block, which has been described as “the best melting vegan cheeze in the market”.

Ilchester Vegan Melting Mature Slices will be available to buy in 180 gram packs from 454 Sainsbury’s across the UK from 3 October. Sainsbury’s already stocks the Melting Mature block in 454 supermarkets.

Talking about the launch of the Melting Mature Slices, Lisa Harrison, Marketing Manager at Ilchester said: “Since its launch in July last year, the Ilchester Vegan Melting Mature block has firmly established itself as THE mature vegan cheddar cheeze known for sharing the same meltability factor as dairy cheddar cheeses, something that vegans have often said lacks in other plant-based cheezes.

“We have received a number of enquiries from fans of the Melting Mature block for a slices format following some really impressive customer reviews of the block describing it as “a great cheese for melting”, “no other vegan cheeze melts and tastes as good as this” and “the best vegan cheese by far and I’ve tried them all”.

“And we were really thrilled when the block won the Gold Award in the Dairy-Free Cheese Alternative category in the prestigious International Cheese Awards 2022 so we are very optimistic that the sliced version will be as popular. It will be the perfect cheezy addition to vegan burgers, melts well as cheese on toast or Welsh rarebit toasties and of course is the perfect cheeze to top big dishes, such as vegan lasagne. We are confident that the slices will fly off the shelves.”

Ilchester, which has been making cheese in Somerset since 1962, is part of the Norseland portfolio of dairy and vegan cheezes, which includes the award-winning Applewood Vegan and Mexicana Vegan cheezes.

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