Red meat from the UK feature in banquets ‘fit for a queen’

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee not only celebrated one of the UK’s greatest exports, but it also helped promote beef and lamb from the UK in two valuable overseas markets.

While crowds congregated in London for the Queen’s birthday parade, guests were gathering in one of Paris’ most exclusive areas and at the center of Tehran’s currency exchange trade to sample a banquet fit for a queen.

The British Embassies in France and Iran welcomed government officials, sports personalities, businesses and potential buyers of UK red meat to celebrate the Monarch’s long reign and 96th birthday.

AHDB’s Export team helped ensure both events, which were organised by the Department for International Trade, went smoothly by supplying beef and lamb from the UK to the high-profile celebrations.

In Iran, almost 600 people, which included the Iranian Halal Importer Association, Mayha Protein – the largest industrial food production company in Iran – and high-end restaurant Sky Lounge, had the opportunity to sample high quality lamb from the UK.

A top Iranian chef and her team were on hand to cook the meat and served it on a bed of creamy potato puree, greens, herbs and a choice of sauce.

AHDB’s Senior Halal Sector Manager Awal Fuseini said: “This event was hugely important as it allowed us to showcase halal lamb from the UK in a market, we are hoping to open for our sheep meat exporters.

“The feedback we received was very positive with words such as ‘amazing, delicious, great quality, so tender, juicy, flavoursome’ used by the guests. We have been told those potential buyers – including now the chef’s company – are interested in buying the meat.”

In Paris, around 1,800 guests sat down at the British Embassy to enjoy a dish of beef skewers with horseradish sauce.

AHDB’s International Market Development Director Dr Phil Hadley added: “The EU remains an important market for our beef exports, so it was great to remind key influencers in Paris of the high quality and exceptional taste of our meat.”

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