Quick Turnaround By Prohire Maintains Delivery Service.

Steel stock and fabrication specialist William Twigg of Matlock, Derbyshire holds more than 35,000 engineering, hardware, plumbing and building lines and prides itself on its free next working day delivery.

So, when one of its own stores vans came to the end of its life rather more suddenly then expected, smooth operations could have been put in jeopardy. Fortunately, having in the past sourced both heavy and light commercial vehicles from commercial vehicle contract hire and fleet management company, Prohire Limited, the company approached Prohire again to see if it could help with a fast turnaround.

As a result, Prohire was given ‘a matter of weeks’ to source a new van that was fully customised to suit William Twigg’s delivery operation complete with sign-writing, all ready to fulfil a new operational requirement. Having received the enquiry Prohire presented a competitive quote, agreed the order and delivered the fully completed vehicle within ten days.

General manager at William Twigg, Craig Anthony commented, “Prohire’s service was brilliant. When you offer fast, frequent delivery for steel stock and fabricated steel, it’s critical that the vehicle used exactly meets our needs. Prohire was super-fast in supplying the perfect solution with no issues whatsoever.”

Andrew Morley, Group Sales Director at Prohire commented, “Sourcing bespoke commercial vehicles is very much a Prohire speciality and it was great to be able to support a customer in this way in what otherwise could have been a difficult situation.”

Prohire supplies commercial vehicles and full fleet support services to a wide range of business sectors including foodservice and catering, chilled food and pharmaceuticals, builders’ merchants, leisure retail and the brewing industry as well as to specialist logistics companies.

For further details about Prohire Limited’s services please contact: 08432 909 089 or email enquiries@prohiregroup.co.uk

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