New Spicy Tortillas From Brakes.

Brakes has been working flat out to bring its customers the best products and its two wheat flour tortillas, part of a range of sandwich breads and flatbreads, are no exception.

The company’s La Boulangerie 10-inch (25cm) Beetroot and Chia Tortillas are fully baked wheat flour tortillas infused with beetroot, which gives them a vibrant pink colour, and are studded with fashionable chia seeds for a good bite. Perfect for cold wraps or hot fajitas, the versatile tortillas are packed in 18s, four to a case.

The La Boulangerie 12-inch (30cm) Turmeric Spiced Tortillas capitalise on another hot trend. The wheat flour tortillas, again fully baked for convenience, are spiced up with the flavours of fenugreek, turmeric and cumin, taking on a rich turmeric yellow hue. Offered in 18s, four packs to a case, they are equally versatile and perfect for a light lunch or snack.

For more information on the two flavoured tortillas, or other items in the extensive Brakes range, visit or call or call 0345 606 9090.

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