New range of texturized pea proteins, PROLIFICA, offer more versatility in development of plant-based protein products

With increased consumer attention on environmental sustainability along with a focus on personal health and wellbeing, 23% of consumers globally report that they are trying to limit their meat intake.*

The growing trend for vegetarian or flexitarian diets has created a need for more plant-based protein options, especially when it comes to familiar products such as burgers, sausages or meatballs. Consumers are looking for the same taste, texture and experience of traditional meat products while feeling like they are eating healthier and being more sustainable.

Our new dry texturized pea protein range, Prolifica, makes it possible to develop these familiar products, which consumers love, but in a more sustainable and healthy way.

Made from high quality pea protein, the Prolifica range is an allergen-free and non-GMO solution which effectively mimics the texture of meat. It is unique in that we can offer several combinations of shape, size and protein content. This means that Prolifica can be specifically tailored for more creative and varied product applications.

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