Myriad Parts Launches Brand-New B2B E-commerce Platform.

Myriad Parts are very pleased and, of course, extremely proud to announce the launch of their new B2B e-commerce platform ( which is now fully integrated with their back-office software.

Myriad Parts have been actively working towards their new website since the inception of their idea nearly two years ago, and it’s been a challenging process for them both in terms of time management and investment to get there, but they are so very, very pleased with the results of their efforts…….and more importantly, so are their customers!!

As you can imagine, it was a big ask for them to be able to incorporate all of the additional features they envisaged in the platform at the outset of the project, so identifying the right partner who could successfully integrate their business profile and near twenty years of company information and experience into their web-platform was the first and most important decision in making their vision a reality and was obviously crucial to the process.

Myriad Parts are confident that the platform they have today is not only another significant step towards assisting their customers on-going success but is also potentially a game-changer for all involved in the transport refrigeration spare parts sector.

So, let’s briefly walk through some of the key features added to the new platform.


This is a feature that many of their customers are extremely excited about. It is in-part dedicated to a sizeable portion of their global customer-base, by which they mean the smaller independent repairers who do much of their administration and paperwork in the evenings after a long hard day in the field.

The site itself is very user-friendly and comes with an interface that ensures that even those with very little experience in transport refrigeration spare parts can easily navigate the online order process. There is even a ‘Quick Order’ facility which enables regular users to repeat and amend orders with a minimum of fuss. Larger customers/users can also upload Excel .CSV files to their new platform that will automatically be converted to orders their end.

Once their order is finalised, the client then can choose between a whole host of options for delivery (Standard Economy, Timed-Economy, Global Express etc.). There is even an option to ‘drop ship’ their orders to different locations if required.


Trade customers can now check their entire stock holding in ‘real-time’, whilst accessing their own personalised pricing for each individual product. Volume discounts are also applied to individual products automatically for bulk purchases. Myriad constantly monitor global pricing structures which enables them to confidently offer their customers competitive ‘real-time’ pricing based on the current markets.


Some of the enhanced features to the new platform have been heavily concentrated on assisting customers correctly identify the components they require in the minimum amount of time. Apart from their existing categorisation of parts which is offered by both product category and unit application they have now revised and enhanced the products description to help to identify the part further.

Once a product has been selected from the menu an alternative or related part will also be recommended automatically for the client’s information and consideration. Improvement of the new platforms search facility now also provides the user with a handy drop-down menu of products offered with a minimal input of key words or numbers. Professional high quality, glossy images as well as 360 degree photographs enhance the site experience and significantly assist the user in identification of the part required. Global customers can also take advantage of the facility to fully translate Myriad’s new platform into any one of 103 different languages.


Registered trade customers that have been approved for Myriad’s online facilities can access their entire company transaction history with Myriad 24/7 – 365, useful in a Myriad of ways!!

So, in summary, Myriad have just launched a new platform that is the first version of a system that provides their customers with a whole host of additional benefits and features that will enhance their overall experience of doing business with Myriad. Myriad mention this as a first version as they are already looking at new ways in which they can improve and expand on what they have already achieved with this new platform.

Customer feedback and suggestions will be a major influence on how Myriad look to improve on their platform in the future, so with this in mind, they would love to see you all at their stand during the TCS&D Exhibition (25th-26th June) where they will be actively demonstrating the new platform, taking on-board suggestions and ideas, and drinking lots of coffee!

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