Moove along meat: research unveils your family barbeque could emit more CO2 than you realise

According to recent data, producing and cooking the crops and livestock used in a typical barbecue for four people produces 23.2kg of CO2.

The beef patty accounts for much of the emissions, as cattle produce huge volumes of methane from belching and flatulence during their lives, while cooking them produces CO2.

To mark National Barbeque Week, the Mighty Mushroom Co. has unveiled Ireland’s first ‘fart-free’ cow – asking the nation to give meat a miss on the grill this summer.

Irish brand, The Mighty Mushroom Co, will be taking the stunt to the streets of Ireland today and tomorrow (Wednesday 30th June and Thursday 1st July), in a bid to get consumers to think about their meat consumption and its effect on the environment.

To make plant-based meals more exciting, The Mighty Mushroom Co has launched its first range of meat-free Mince, Burgers and Cumberland Style Sausages into EUROSPAR Ireland (from RRP €3.50)

The family run mushroom grower is encouraging us all to eat less meat and switch to its delicious range of products, that contain up to 85% mushrooms.

With supermarket shelves predominantly stocked with soy-based meat alternatives; the Mighty Mushroom Co range prides itself on being entirely soy-free. The full range is also gluten-free, and vegan friendly – better for you and the planet.

It is easy to make a simple swap for meat in your favourite family recipes, cooking with this plant-based mince helps to not only do your bit for the planet but will ensure you create tasty meat-free meals such as Bolognese, lasagne or even a spicy chilli con carne recipe.

Last year, the main greenhouse gas CO2 reached record levels – 417 parts per million1, a level not seen for many years. However, many people are unaware of why it is important to live more sustainably. The range offers a more sustainable solution to the environmental impact of the meat industry, offering a great-tasting meal option for flexitarians, vegans and meat-eaters alike.

Look out for the Mighty Mushroom Co cow on the streets of Dublin and snap and share at #MightyMeatFree and

The Meat-Free Mince can be purchased for RRP €3.99 and the Burgers, Cumberland Sausages have an RRP starting from €3.50.

The Mighty Mushroom Co range is now available at EUROSPAR across Ireland

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