Jet Environmental Set To Return To Industry-Leading Show.

Market-leading HVAC system provider Jet Environmental will, once again, be exhibiting at the Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Exhibition (TCS&D 2019) in Peterborough this June.

The firm, whose blue-chip clients include big players in the fast-moving consumer goods food and retail industry and many of the third party logistics providers supporting these businesses, will demonstrate their environmentally-friendly temperature and humidity control systems for large volume spaces at the event.

The firm also works with some of Britain’s largest pharmaceutical distributors, and in smaller spaces such as leisure facilities, retail stores and museums. The company is known for its installation expertise and the creation of bespoke systems designed to work around the customer’s temperature control needs.

Jet Environmental is an industry-leading firm working in buildings with floor spaces ranging from 1,000m² to over 100,000m², and with clients from a diverse range of industries.

Jet Environmental manages the process from design to commissioning and then supports each installation with service and maintenance. Jet Environmental’s advanced controls drive energy-efficiency that helps clients be environmentally responsible and meet their low carbon emission targets.

Jason Hibbs, managing director of Jet Environmental said: “Most of Britain’s favourite food and confectionery – including the biggest names in chocolate and toffee – is kept in warehouses temperature controlled by a Jet Environmental HVAC system. That’s because we understand how important it is to keep temperatures consistent throughout the warehouse space. By managing the temperature of air leaving the nozzles, we ensure very even temperatures through the space.

Following a successful period for the firm, Jet Environmental will be showcasing its services and products at TCS&D 2019 later this year.

TCS&D 2019 is the UK’s leading industry event designed to showcase products and services which provide temperature-controlled storage and distribution of chilled and frozen foods.

Over 1,500 decision-makers and buyers from the industry are expected to attend the event, which will focus on how food can be kept safe and high-quality during the storage and transit stages of the supply chain.

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