It’s time to take a break with KitKat ice cream

We all need to take a break from the everyday, particularly when there is so much to do! Balancing your work with the kids’ schoolwork, keeping up with friends and on top of the bills whilst making sure the kids are educated and entertained means that it can be easy to forget that we all need to spend meaningful time together.

Whatever your set up, family life is full on, making it even more important for families to take a break together. Whether you go on a nice long walk, get the board games out or throw a ball about in the garden, the possibilities are endless. In fact, we recommend all of these, and why not kick back afterwards and enjoy KitKat ice cream with the family?

So, gather everyone together and take five minutes to turn the sound down on life. Put your feet up, lean back, take a deep breath, and enjoy one of KitKat’s three delicious ice cream offerings.

Want to take a break with the family on a Friday afternoon? Look no further than the new KitKat Cone. The KitKat Cone consists of creamy vanilla ice cream in a crunchy cone filled with more delicious ice cream topped with a KitKat finger and swirls of chocolate sauce. What better way to welcome the weekend?

If you want to give the whole family a well-earned break, then why not share the new KitKat Tub. This chocolate and wafer flavoured ice cream with crunchy wafer pieces mixed throughout is the ideal way to take a break with those you love the most.

The KitKat Stick is now made using a delicious new recipe. Featuring delightful chocolate and wafer flavoured ice creams and coated in creamy milk chocolate and crunchy wafer pieces, it’s all set to send you into a heavenly state.

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