Cheesemonger listed in the top 20 in the British Isles.

Altrincham based cheesemonger’s New Market Dairy, which is owned and run by Lake District-based cheesemaker Martin Gott, has been recognised as one of the top 20 specialist cheese shops in the British Isles.

Speciality Food Magazine this month launched a special issue focussing on artisan cheesemongers who sell carefully selected artisan crafted farmhouse cheeses up and down the country and who have played a significant role in helping the farmhouse cheese industry survive through the challenges posed to the sector by COVID.

Producing the list, and then condensing it down to 20 was a pretty large undertaking, especially given the excellence across the sector, however, with the help of a number of eminent cheese professionals, the readers of Speciality Food Magazine and sister publication Great British Food Magazine the team were able to draw together their final list of inspirational cheese retailers from across the UK, including Manchester, Yorkshire, Somerset, London, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

New Market Dairy, Altrincham was recognised as Grass Roots Champion for a number of reasons. Founded by a cheesemaker Martin Gott, producer of Lake District Cheese St James his Altrincham business is about as close to the grass roots of the cheese industry as it’s possible to get.

New Market Dairy’s efforts to support the industry saw members of the team travel the length and breadth of the UK, to source from other cheesemakers, including Appleby’s Cheshire and Westcombe Dairy, in order to bring their goods back to their Manchester audience in an attempt to bridge the gap between the producer and the consumer and ensure their support for farming and the rural jobs and communities those jobs support.

Holly Shackleton, Editor of Speciality Food Magazine said: ‘’Britain’s artisan cheese industry experienced unprecedented challenges in 2020, and while shoppers rallied to support it – huge credit due to Jamie Oliver and his team – the journey is not over yet. A number of British farmers and cheesemakers are still facing an uncertain future, which is why it’s imperative that retailers and consumers work to keep their excellent produce on our shelves and plates. Our artisan cheese sector boasts an enviable network of passionate advocates; now’s the time to collaborate to secure the future of one of Britain’s most valuable assets.’’

Martin Gott producer of St James said: ‘’Being recognised as Grass Roots Champion alongside some of the UK’s top cheesemonger’s is a big pat on the back, especially at the moment with all that artisan cheese makers across the British Isles have been through and in some cases are still going through as they battle for their future. Now more than ever we need people to support British artisan cheese makers and to buy farm made cheeses to help these passionate food producers survive and hopefully we are doing our bit to help in some small way.’’

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