Bring in the new season in style, with the delicious H. Forman & Son’s range, available at Waitrose

Autumn is just around the corner, why not send-off Summer in style with H. Forman & Son’s exquisite range at Waitrose.

H. Forman & Son attracts food lovers far and wide, with beautifully curated collection of the finest seasonal fare. Try the delectable presentation at Waitrose, including the iconic London Cured Smoked Salmon and Smoked Salmon Pâté and welcome in the new season.

Freshly cured, hand-carved, filleted and trimmed for superior flavour and texture – H. Forman & Son’s salmon is traditionally produced in the company’s family run London smokehouse, since 1905. 

The revered “London Cure” has a beautiful subtle flavour with its very light smoky taste – showcasing the freshness of the salmon and not the smoke.

Established in 1905, H. Forman & Son is the oldest producer of smoked salmon in the world. London Cure Smoked Salmon is sourced from only the finest salmon, rock salt and a little oak smoke to create its outstanding delicate flavour.

Lance Forman, Owner at H. Forman & Sons says, “We have been making the finest quality artisan, British food for over a Century. We are proud of our longstanding relationship with Waitrose. Like us, it prides itself on supplying gastronomic delicacies to food enthusiasts across the nation. Now’s the time, more than ever, to get together with loved ones and make up for lost time by sharing some delicious food.”

– H. Forman & Son London Cure Smoked Salmon (100g) available at Waitrose, RRP £6.00
A favourite of many leading chefs, ‘London Cure’ Smoked Salmon is prepared from the finest Scottish Salmon – with deliberately subtle flavour so you can taste the wondrous, melt-in-the-mouth flesh. Hand sliced and prepared with no added sugar – only use rock salt and oak smoke, nothing else. Perfection.
H. Forman & Son Smoked Salmon PÂTÉ (225g) available at Waitrose, RRP £4.00

– Made with superior grade Smoked Scottish Salmon, this versatile pâté is perfect for canapés or as a dinner party starter. Glorious on toast, crusty French bread, sourdough or for sheer decadence scoop with a spoon straight from the pot.

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