BigFish Launches It’s ‘Best Ever’ Smoked Fish With New ‘Signature’ Range, Made In Great Grimsby.

New this autumn to JCS Fish’s award-winning BigFish range are three new ‘Signature’ smoked fish products, the result of over 100 years combined family expertise in salmon and fish smoking.

BigFish Signature is a premium range comprising Oak Smoked Salmon, Oak Smoked Organic Salmon, and Oak Smoked Sea Trout, prepared using whole sides of fish which are cured by hand with natural salt. They are slowly smoked in a traditional kiln for an extended time with oak and other natural flavourings, creating smoked fish with unique character and a particularly full, rich taste.

The range uses superior fish, including certified Organic salmon and a standard salmon with designated origin (PGI) status from Scotland that is certified to the GLOBALG.A.P. (GGN) aquaculture standard, meeting strict criteria on environmental integrity, animal welfare, food safety and social responsibility. BigFish is the only brand in the UK to currently apply this standard.

Says JCS Fish co-founder and MD, Andrew Coulbeck:

“Smoked fish has long been part of our family heritage, but we only recently decided to bring it in-house again to give us the control and flexibility we were looking for. Signature is the result of our desire to create the most perfectly smoked products we could in our own Grimsby smokehouse.”

The new smokehouse is part of a wider programme of investment at JCS Fish. It has been built and certified to modern high-care production and hygiene standards but with traditional style kilns. It also allows the company to ensure certified Organic status for products made with Organic fish.

Says Andrew,

““My entire working life has been in salmon and I am so proud of these Signature products. I think they are really something special.”

BigFish Signature Smoked is available in selected independent retailers across the UK and direct from the BigFish website.

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