Armor Manutention Showcases Yale Solutions For The Food Industry At MIN De Nantes.

Official Yale® dealer, Armor Manutention, brought Yale technology and innovation to trade professionals and consumers at France’s second national food market, MIN de Nantes, last month.

On 25 October, Armor Manutention spent the day as an exhibitor at the Nantes based food market, showcasing Yale products tailored to the food industry.

Armor Manutention has consistently increased market share and coverage in its territory since becoming a Yale dealer in 2016. The company’s core business of the sale, leasing, and servicing of forklift trucks, is supported by an extremely knowledgeable team with extensive experience. To increase its proximity to end customers and expand into new territory, Armor Manutention has recently established a new office in Le Bignon, near Nantes, offering a dedicated team of Yale technicians delivering high standards of aftersales, maintenance and diagnostic support in three further regions.

To celebrate their expansion, Armor Manutention exhibited at MIN de Nantes for the first time, giving visitors the opportunity to see and touch the Yale technology for themselves and take advantage of a special offer being run on the products.

MIN de Nantes is the second largest local produce market in France and the primary market in the Brittany area. Focussing on horticulture and food for trade professionals, MIN specialises in promoting local products, and is also open to both French national and international specialties. Based in Île de Nantes, it is part of a 55-hectare agroindustry hub, which is fast becoming the core around which food farming innovations in western France are developing and a model production system for the future. The enterprises involved in MIN share the same goals, namely to be the go-to market for trade professionals seeking customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is also at the core of the Yale vision, which is reflected in its extensive dealer network: “We share the same vision as Yale in terms of our commitment to delivering high quality products, the lowest lifetime cost of ownership and outstanding customer satisfaction to customers in our regions”, said Nicolas Moy, Manager of Armor Manutention.

Ergonomics As Standard
Amor Manutention highlighted three leading Yale products at MIN de Nantes; The Yale® ERP15VT 3-wheel electric forklift, MP16 pedestrian pallet truck, and MS10 pedestrian stacker.

Combining high performance and energy efficiency, the Yale ERP15VT is the most ergonomically advanced 3-wheel forklift truck for medium to heavy-duty applications. The VT Series electric counterbalanced forklift’s compact design provides best-in-class manoeuvrability, allowing it to operate in the narrowest of aisles. When it comes to performance, energy efficiency, manoeuvrability, and battery shift life can all be matched to the needs of the application, increasing productivity and throughput and significantly reducing the cost per pallet moved.

Smart, swift and dependable low-lift pallet trucks with a proven track record in confined and congested areas characterise the Yale® range of pedestrian powered pallet trucks. Designed to maximise productivity, the MP Series is ideal for light, medium and heavy-duty indoor load handling, lorry loading and unloading, and horizontal transport over short and long distances making the range well-suited to the food industry.

Ideal for use in supermarket storage facilities, where low-cost warehouse and retrieval solutions are required, the Yale MS Series pedestrian stacker is a highly controllable and agile stacker. The stacker is designed to be as operator friendly as possible with smooth drive, lift and lower control providing effortless manoeuvrability in the tightest of corners.

The ergonomics-centric philosophy of Yale can be found in all three products, providing operators with comfort and precision, helping to reduce fatigue, and offering excellent manoeuvrability in order to minimise costs and maximise overall productivity.

Thanks to these events and future investments, Armor Manutention is looking forward to increasing the business in their new territory: “The Armor Manutention team is proud of this extended partnership with one of the leading manufacturers in the materials handling sector. Our ambition is to become, with the support of Yale, the leading independent dealer in the west of France”, concluded Nicolas Moy.

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