Add Some Brain: RIO’S IAA Innovations – Smarter Logistics.

Under the banner #AddSomeBrain, RIO will be showcasing new solutions for smart digital logistics at this year’s IAA. Two years after its initial launch, RIO will be unveiling new services, new partners and the first mobile version of its applications.

The TRATON GROUP launched its open, cloud-based digital brand RIO at IAA 2016. Its mission: to interconnect all the players in the transport and logistics ecosystem. “We’ve come a very long way in two short years,” says Jan Kaumanns, RIO CEO. “We’ve now developed the RIO Connectivity Environment using our ecosystem and RIO Box hardware. After only nine months on the market we have 2,000 customers and offer ten marketplace services. And that’s just the beginning. Our goal is to become the leading digital logistics services supplier. At IAA we’ll be demonstrating how RIO is set to make logistics even smarter.”

RIO is growing: new services available
RIO View is a novel service that brings a whole new dimension into play. “RIO View combines the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of shipping,” explains Product Owner Tillman Rödle. “I see it working like e-commerce consignment tracking – at any given time I can check what’s on its way to me and where it is right now.” The service is the first to network all stakeholders including suppliers, freight payers, customers and service providers for end-to-end transparency throughout the logistics chain. It helps logistics service providers (3PL/4PL) or the freight payer’s corporate logistics department to manage transportation by linking the goods and the assets. RIO View customers can generate shipping requests, and create, manage and track routes and freight orders. The service will soon feature transport cost management as well as an events and alarm function, boosting transparency and helping freight payers cut costs.

The new RIO TMS Plug service is yet another step towards RIO’s vision of interconnecting all the players in the transport and logistics ecosystem. It is the first service to incorporate external transport management systems (TMSs). Via a data interface to the RIO Connectivity Environment, RIO TMS Plug integrates route information and makes it possible to link up with drivers in real time. It also provides RIO customers with valuable analyses and daily business insights thanks to intelligent data networking. RIO and its partner InfPro are co-developing the first digital route information system with driver networking for their customer PETSCHL-Transporte – an all-in-one solution incorporating InfPro’s TMS, translogica.

RIO is on the move: The Pocketfleet app, designed to make key RIO functionalities mobile-friendly, will be unveiled at IAA. The app means that materials requirement planners and fleet managers will be able to respond promptly to queries about order status and irregularities. Pocketfleet for Android devices is available from Google Play. The app highlights RIO’s ‘bring your own device’ approach.

RIO is open: new partners on board
RIO will also be presenting some new marketplace partner services at IAA. “I’m delighted to welcome four new RIO partners on board,” says Johan Carlberg, Head of Partner Management. “That’s what makes RIO special – we recruit partners who are experts in their field so that we can offer our customers in the Marketplace the very best in transport and logistics.”

RIO and its partner idem telematics will be showcasing another first at IAA – their new service, idem Trailer Connector. Customers in the RIO Connectivity Environment can use this service to network not just their vehicles, but also their trailers. The Fleet Monitor displays trailer position data accurate to within a minute. To use idem Trailer Connector, trailers have to be equipped with the corresponding hardware from idem telematics.

Interfaces to VDO’s TIS-Web® Connect and WABCO’s TX-SOCIAL help RIO customers to process and manage their downloaded tachograph and driver card data. The services perform analyses on driving and resting times infringements.

Yet another innovation is the MAN Card. Customers with mixed fleets can now take advantage of the MAN Card for use via the RIO marketplace. The card can be used Europe-wide to pay for fuel, tolls and services, offering an integrated solution for successful fleet management.

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